What is Teachkidslanguages.com?

Toddlers and preschoolers can learn over 500 words with Teachkidslanguages in every available language. Learn languages with Emma is a vocabulary game that allows young children to learn Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Esperanto. With a little help from an adult, they can quickly learn independently and playfully.

Teachkidslanguages ​​is playful

The app is a visual and auditory tool. The visual aspect is diverse; children increase their vocabulary through Learn Languages with Emma using games such as memory and quiz.

What do speech therapists say?

Wendelien van Rhee

“This app is a wonderful tool for parents and professionals to enrich the language offer to children in multiple languages.”

Barbara Vriens

“The app is a real eye-catcher, it easily captures children's attention”

Try our apps for free!

As a speech therapist or speech therapy practice, you have the opportunity to try out our apps for free. This Free Edition has more limited options than the Pro Edition. Choose an app and view the options.

For which treatment of children is the app suitable?

In Dutch speech therapy practices the app is suitable for children with normal development as well as for children with language development problems or a small vocabulary.

Children with regular development

Children with an average development because they are only visual and auditory. The app can already be used by children with a mental age of 2 to 3+.

Children with language development problems

The app is suitable for children who have problems with their language development since this app helps to playfully expand their vocabulary.

Children with a limited vocabulary

Even children who don't speak Dutch or who have a limited vocabulary, expand it quickly with the app. For example children of expats, or children of migrants.

Children with a mental disability

The app is fun to play with regardless of the mental capacity. For many children with autism, strengthening through repetition helps them to remember and absorb the information. This is another result of using Learn Languages with Emma.

Increase the effect of speech therapy treatment

Speech therapists only have limited time in their sessions to help children with language development problems. That makes practicing at home with Emma particularly useful. After all, the greater the vocabulary, the more the children can benefit from exercises during speech therapy treatments.

The app effectively supports articulation treatments because the words are pronounced carefully so children with articulation issues can keep up. The app makes it possible for children to observe the demonstration and replicate them correctly.

What is another result of using our app?

Non-native Dutch speaking parents learn and correct their own pronunciation using the app. An added benefit!

Why is the app's multilingualism extra handy?

Parents who do not speak Dutch come into the speech therapy practice with their own native language. When a diagnosis is made with the help of parents through multilingual research the app can help to start treatment in the native language.

Origin words in the app

The words in the Dutch version are taken from the Amsterdam Basic Glossary for Preschoolers (BAK lists). This list is seen as the foundation for building vocabulary. These words are also automatically included in the list of other languages. The app forms an excellent basis for first contact with the language.

Language test

Strengths of Teachkidslanguages

  • Excellent pronunciation, because it is spoken by native speakers
  • Excellently translated by professional translators
  • Playful and therefore stimulating
  • Multilingual
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible with a tablet
  • Results are automatically recorded

Follow the progress

A special portal for Dutch speech therapists is available to monitor the child's progress. The portal offers the following options:

  • Let 10 children use the Pro Edition of the app for a fixed price per month
  • View the activities and test results per child
  • Gives children easy access, without in-app purchases

€ 2995 per month
(for 10 children, € 2.50 per additional child per month)

Test results

Start helping children even better!

Experience the many benefits that our app offers to speech therapists!

Download the app   Instructions for parents

The instructions for parents can be printed out and given to parents to install the app at home.