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Learn 16 words for free and without advertising. For toddlers and preschoolers.

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Increase the English vocabulary of preschool children and toddlers

Learn English with Amy is an educational app for children from 2 to 7 year. Children learn new words in a playful and effective way within 13 themes: Farm, Clothing, Colors, Transportation, Numbers, Shapes, Playground, Food & drinks, Zoo, Home, Body, Music and Sports.

Each theme contains between 12 and 20 words and 4 games. These vary in difficulty, so some games can easily be played by children who are 20 months old, where others are more appropriate for children ages 5 years and older.

Customer Testimonials

Wendelien van Rhee

“This app is a wonderful tool for parents and professionals to enrich the language offer to children in multiple languages.”

Sander Gordijn

Sander uses the apps in the classroom and has written a review about it.

“Easy to operate, children receive positive feedback, clear voices and many different words. If you want to teach young children a new language, I definitely recommend this app!”

Eveline Kaleveld

Eveline uses the app in the classroom, and has written a review of our app.

“I think this is a nice app to work with when teaching preschool children English. The themes that have been chosen are very appealing to toddlers.”

Eveline Kaleveld, teacher and specialist digital learning resources. Read her review.

Geen foto

Mandy has written an evaluation of our app in the COS magazine.

“The feedback that the student receives in all of the games is clear. The student positive feedback if he / she is doing something right. You can also clearly see when there is a mistake. This allows them to experience for themselves whether they are doing well.”

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  • Three fun games for each category.
  • Test the child’s listening and reading skills.
  • Child friendly: no ads.
  • One category completely free: Zoo.
  • Limited insight into your child's progress.
  • Upgrade to Pro with in-app purchase.

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Buy Pro edition

  • Three fun games for each category.
  • Test the child’s listening and reading skills.
  • Child friendly: no ads.
  • 13 categories available.
  • Full insight into your child's progress.
  • No in-app purchases, all content and games included.

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The benefits of learning English with Amy

  • Learn and play with challenging games.
  • Measure vocabulary knowledge through speech and writing.
  • Learn step by step, always a different theme.
  • Interesting topics with appealing images.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of words by listening to a voice-over with a native English speaker.

English as a second language (ESL)

The app is suitable for learning English as a first or as a second language. The app has support for other native languages, including Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Esperanto. Instructions are given in the native language. This way the child understands what is expected of them.


In English, there are various dialects in circulation, such as British, American, Australian, and Canadian. In practice, American English is the most widespread. The app uses American English for spelling and pronunciation.

Setting the native language

Who uses this app to learn English?

  • Kindergartens. More and more kindergartens are starting to acquaint children with English. The app is often played in small format groups by connecting the tablet to the interactive whiteboard.

  • Multilingual families. Some families consist of one English and one Dutch parent. The app fits in perfectly with this, especially because the native language setting on the app is adjustable.

  • Families considering emigrating or who have already emigrated to a country where English is the official language.

  • Children of parents who feel it is important that their children learn to speak English at a young age.

With 13 themes from the perception of children

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