The enthusiasm of teachers is falling!

Kindergarten teachers are often just as enthusiastic as we are about the apps from Teachkidslanguages. We, to have developed them, and they to use it. Some toddlers can, by the way also learn languages best with this playful digital learning tool for children.

Vocabulary app for toddlers

Teachkidslanguages is a varied vocabulary game that teaches toddlers and kindergarteners 400 words in 6 different languages. This app is a perfect solution for those struggling with speech delays or vocabulary uptake.

Parents and caregivers can easily download the app to a tablet and provide their children with access at home. What is taught in kindergarten can be further practiced on the tablet at home.

Test results

Reviews of our toddler apps

Sander Gordijn

Sander uses the apps in the classroom and has written a review about it.

“Easy to operate, children receive positive feedback, clear voices and many different words. If you want to teach young children a new language, I definitely recommend this app!”

Eline Groenen

Eline uses the app to teach the children of migrants the basics of Dutch.

“I am mainly working with NT2 students as well as children who cannot speak Dutch at all. Especially for toddlers, it works so well!”

Eveline Kaleveld

Eveline uses the app in the classroom, and has written a review of our app.

“I think this is a nice app to work with when teaching preschool children English. The themes that have been chosen are very appealing to toddlers.”

Eveline Kaleveld, teacher and specialist digital learning resources. Read her review.

Geen foto

Mandy has written an evaluation of our app in the COS magazine.

“The feedback that the student receives in all of the games is clear. The student positive feedback if he / she is doing something right. You can also clearly see when there is a mistake. This allows them to experience for themselves whether they are doing well.”

The importance of Teachkidslanguages for the Four Stroke of Verhallen

According to Verhallen (a Dutch vocabulary expert) about the Four Stroke, especially children in first grade learn many new words. Those words are easiest to understand when they connect with a context that children already know. Too low of a vocabulary can lead to poorer math skills and to trouble remembering new words. The app Teachkidslanguages can help to close that vocabulary gap to help toddlers catch up. After all, the app teaches 180 words from the BAK list. The app as support for the "four-strokes" of Verhallen:

  • Stroke 1. Roughing
  • Stroke 2. Semantize
  • Stroke 3. Consolidate
  • Stroke 4. Check

The app automatically checks the answers of the toddlers and loves what they already know. The feedback to children is in their native language. Polish children who learn Dutch see the feedback in Polish, which makes it easy for their parents to understand as well.

Preschool children with intellectual disabilities also learn with Teachkidslanguages

Children with Down's syndrome or other intellectual disabilities can really find it pleasant to play with the app: “Our son with an intellectual disability is learning a lot with it. His vocabulary is very extensive. ”(Anonymous) As a teacher, it is worth trying this app out in your classroom!

The apps in practice

Tips for putting the apps into practice:

  • For children who arrive at school with a language deficiency.

  • For children who have moved from abroad to the Netherlands, that Dutch start learning as a second language.

  • Classroom on the IWB, for example with the introduction of a new theme.

  • Extra challenge: children who lead the way can use the app to build up their foreign language vocabulary, such as English, Spanish or Polish.

  • For children at home: parents can easily use install the app on their phone or tablet and let children practice at home.

Try our apps for free!

You can try out our app for free. The Free Edition has more limited options than the Pro Edition. Choose a language and view the options.

Language test

Strengths of Teachkidslanguages

  • Excellent pronunciation, because it is spoken by native speakers
  • Excellent translated by professional translators
  • Playful and therefore stimulating
  • Multilingual
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible with a tablet
  • Results are automatically recorded

Start helping children even better!

Experience the many benefits that our app offers in the class!

Download the app   Instructions for parents

The instructions for parents can be printed out and given to parents to install the app at home.