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Learn 35 words for free and without advertising. For toddlers and preschoolers.

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Increase the German vocabulary of preschool children and toddlers

Learn Languages With Amy is an educational app for children from 2 to 7 year. Children learn new words in a playful and effective way within 24 themes: Numbers, Numbers 11-100, Alphabeth, Farm, Clothing, Colors, Transportation, Shapes, Playground, Food & drinks, Zoo, Home, Body, Music, Sports, School, Seasons and weather, Emotions, Washing and peeing, People, Fruit, Beach, Traffic and Forest.

Each theme contains between 12 and 20 words and 4 games. These vary in difficulty, so some games can easily be played by children who are 20 months old, where others are more appropriate for children ages 5 years and older.

Customer Testimonials

Wendelien van Rhee

“This app is a wonderful tool for parents and professionals to enrich the language offer to children in multiple languages.”

Sander Gordijn

Sander uses the apps in the classroom and has written a review about it.

“Easy to operate, children receive positive feedback, clear voices and many different words. If you want to teach young children a new language, I definitely recommend this app!”

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Free version

  • Three fun games for each theme.
  • Test the child’s listening and reading skills.
  • Child friendly: no ads.
  • Three themes free: Food & drinks, Zoo and Body.
  • Limited insight into your child's progress.
  • Freely available on Google Play and App Store.
  • No additions.
  • Upgrade to Pro with subscription.

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  • Three fun games for each theme.
  • Test the child’s listening and reading skills.
  • Child friendly: no ads.
  • 24 themes available.
  • Full insight into your child's progress.
  • Subscription in Google Play or App Store.
  • New extensions every month.
  • Price: $ 2.99 per month.

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The benefits of learning German with Amy

  • Learn and play with challenging games.
  • Measure vocabulary knowledge through speech and writing.
  • Learn step by step, always a different theme.
  • Interesting topics with appealing images.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of words by listening to a voice-over with a native German speaker.

Download the app and try out three themes for free!

Experience the many benefits that the app offers children!