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Practice Professions

Content of the Professions theme

What do you want to be when you grow up? Learn all professions Learn 13 new words using fun games!

  • postacı
  • aşçı
  • şoför
  • dondurmacı
  • sihirbaz
  • kaptan
  • hemşire
  • müzisyen
  • garson
  • boyacı
  • asker
  • diş hekimi
  • marangoz

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Learn app Turkish with Emma

Professions theme is one of the 34 themes of the app Learn Languages with Emma. Through games, children playfully increase their vocabulary. The Test module provides parents, teachers, and counselors the ability to follow the child's level and keep track of their progress.

Practical Tips for the Theme Professions

In the app, children can learn new words by exploring the Professions theme. It is important for children to engage in additional activities to help them use these words in everyday situations.
Here are some helpful tips:

  • What would you like to become when you grow up? Tell about it!
  • Go outside and look around. Ask someone about his profession.
  • Roleplay: pick a profession and act like you're a cook/soldier/nurse or any other profession!

Professions Slideshow

With this activity, the child is introduced to the new words for the first time. The ease of use makes this activity suitable for children 2 years and older. The words are presented in an attractive visual way. The app speaks the word shown after which the child repeats the word.

With this activity the spelling can also be taught to children able to read.

Professions theme presentation of the Turkish app for children
Professions theme memory game of the Turkish app for children

Professions Memory game

Find all the pairs in the game! The words are pronounced when the cards are turned over. If two identical cards are found, a short exercise appears. The cards are shown in large format, the spelling is shown, and the child can repeat the pronunciation with the push of a button.

Many children and parents play Memory together. In addition to learning new words, it is also a fun joint use of time.

Professions Puzzle game

In the puzzle game the children drag the pictures to the correct space. It is reminiscent of the old-fashioned wooden puzzle game with a modern twist.

If a picture has been dragged into the correct box, the corresponding word (with article) is pronounced. After 4 pictures have been placed, the child hears applause. The pictures are then highlighted one by one and the corresponding word is spoken again.

This game teaches children how to pronounce words and stimulates the development of hand-eye-coordination.

Professions theme puzzle game of the Turkish app for children
Professions theme Language test (reading and listening) of the app Turkish for children

Language test for toddlers and preschoolers

The language test measures the vocabulary knowledge of the Professions theme. The following keys are available:

  • Test word recognition based on pronunciation.

  • Test word recognition based on spelling.

  • Combination: test recognition of words based on pronunciation or spelling.

The language test is also regularly used separately to determine the language level of the child from start. For example, to create different groups while trailing a group of children in Turkish.

Results of the language test

After performing the language test, the results can be viewed by parents and educators. You can see for each word whether the correct answer was given and the time it took to answer.

Test results remain available on the device for a few weeks. This gives parents and educators insight into the improvement of vocabulary knowledge over time.

Test results provide insight into the child's vocabulary knowledge of the Professions theme

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