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Sander Gordijn

Sander uses the apps in the classroom and has written a review about it.

“Easy to operate, children receive positive feedback, clear voices and many different words. If you want to teach young children a new language, I definitely recommend this app!”

Sander Gordijn, teacher, IT coordinator and educational innovator.

Eline Groenen

Eline uses the app to teach the children of migrants the basics of Dutch.

“I am mainly working with NT2 students as well as children who cannot speak Dutch at all. Especially for toddlers, it works so well!”

Eline Groenen, teaching assistant at Primary school Dr. Jac. P. Thijsseschool

Eveline Kaleveld

Eveline uses the app in the classroom, and has written a review of our app.

“I think this is a nice app to work with when teaching preschool children English. The themes that have been chosen are very appealing to toddlers.”

Eveline Kaleveld, teacher and specialist digital learning resources at Kleutersdigitaal.nl

Geen foto

Mandy has written an evaluation of our app in the COS magazine.

“The feedback that the student receives in all of the games is clear. The student positive feedback if he / she is doing something right. You can also clearly see when there is a mistake. This allows them to experience for themselves whether they are doing well.”

Geen foto

“Our 20-month-old daughter really likes it!”

Cecil, Android user

Geen foto

“Our son with an intellectual disability learns a lot from this. His vocabulary is very extensive.”

Mia, iOS user

Geen foto

“My 3-year-old loves to play with this app, but often chooses his favorite theme (colors). It is good to play together regularly, so that the child also chooses other themes. I think it is valuable that the app has games to practice and tests to check knowledge.”

Tamara, iOS user

Geen foto

“This is a great educational app, I really like it, it's very easy to navigate. My daughter has never really used phones or computers, but she had no problems using these games.”

Anonymous, Android user

Geen foto

“It's great for kids”

Barbara Brania, Android user

Geen foto

“My toddler loves this app”

Zara-Nicole Beach, Android user

Geen foto

“Nice app to teach the children Spanish in a playful way. The expanded version contains many themes”

Lara Hakemulder, Android user

Geen foto

“A great app for learning Polish. It is not too difficult and a great way to plant the seed.”

Anonymous, Android user

Geen foto

“Easy to use and very educational for children and adults who want to practice playing.”

Anonymous, iOS user

Geen foto

“Many language apps for children don't even come close. Clear voice that speaks words, beautiful images, and I love the jigsaw puzzles! Well thought out and made app. 100% worth the full version in my opinion !!! Thanks for the Esperanto app on behalf of my children! Even I learn from it and use it for home education of the children.”

Mary Cutler, Android user

Geen foto

“Great app for kids!”

Marcos Cramer, Android user

Geen foto

“Great initiative, very good app for children!”

Anonymous, Android user