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Language games for very young children

The app Learn languages with Emma has different themes, such as 'farm', 'colors', 'alphabet' and 'school'. Each theme contains approximately 15 words and 4 games. Some games can even be used by very young children; for example, 20 months old children are using our app with their parents' guidance!

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How does the app help with learning a new language?

Vocabulary is an important basis for a child’s language development. With our app, children can learn 500 words in 8 languages. By practicing using different games, children can learn independently.Then their vocabulary knowledge is measured using playful tests. The level of reading and listening skills can also be determined using these tests results.

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Speech therapy

Speech therapists who treat children between 2 and 7 years old can increase their effectiveness with the help of our apps.



More and more kindergarten teachers are using our app in their classrooms. Preschool children can expand their vocabulary in 8 languages by playing with our apps.


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